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We present you with a new, really powerful Nuke fat burner from Core Labs. The hardcore formula contains only proven stimulants, thermogenic and adaptogens. It is in vain to look for such a composition among ordinary fat burners getting rid of mostly subcutaneous water. By combining unique ingredients, the product is at the forefront of the best products of this type in the USA. The most impressive feature of this product is to provide fat burning while maintaining muscle. Nuke contains ingredients that help you get the fastest results in the form of losing unnecessary kilograms - up to 12 kg in one package! and simultaneous figure sculpture without risking energy loss or deterioration of well-being.

The supplement quickly and for a long time reduces the appetite and desire for sweet snacks. This is a very effective product, which is ideal for anyone who expects really specific results. The thermogenic burner increases the metabolism by raising the body temperature, burning even the most-resistant fat from the hips or the lower abdomen. Adaptagons present in the preparation give energy, raise mood and increase motivation even during the toughest training.

That this is a very specialized product and due to the strong action is recommended only to experienced users who have already been in contact with more than one burner!


Yohimbine Extract 

Yohimbine HCL





Dendrobium Nobile


3.5 diiodo L-thyronine 

Alpha GPC

Hoodia Gordon

Cayenne pepper 

Citrus Aurantium Extract 


1 capsule a day